Check List for your Clients!!

During the Open Enrollment Period (January 1, 2023 through March 31, 2023) Member Retention is vital to ensure you keep your business and money in your pocket. Here are some popular tips compiled to help you retain your clients and create stronger relationships for lifelong client partnerships.


Tip #1: Consistent and Clear Communication: 30 - 60 - 90 Day Calls


Your clients have your contact information but reaching out to make sure they don’t have any questions will increase their trust in you as their healthcare partner. Some ideas for talking points:

  • Thank them for being a member.
  • Ask them if they have received their new member kit and member card. If they haven’t, they can call member services.
  • Talk to them about their benefits and how to use them.

Review their OTC benefit – make sure they understand what the benefit is and if they don’t use it then they lose it.

Talk to them about other benefits they may be able to utilize easily such their fitness plan. 


Tip #2: Know your Stuff


Really understanding the products that you are selling as well as the trends in the insurance industry is important with the over 65 crowd. They are being marketed to by competitors weekly if not daily. Knowing the products, benefits and advantages of their plan and delivering your talking points with passion and honesty will ensure a higher level of trust with your clients.


Tip #3: Go the Extra Mile


Making the effort to make a connection with your clients will help strengthen the relationship you have with them. Going the extra mile and sending them a thank you note, holiday, and/or birthday card will separate you as being attentive and thoughtful. Or better yet, give your client a call on their Birthday, everyone enjoys a birthday phone call!


Tip #4: Go Visit Them


Loneliness and depression are on the rise amongst our elderly population. Many of your clients probably love visitors. A home visit to do a quick review of their benefits will make your beneficiaries feel cared for and once again strengthen the relationship. Make sure you see your business card on their refrigerator!


Tip #5: Be their Advocate


Medicare is complicated and so is all the benefit information that gets sent to your clients through the mail. Take the extra time with your beneficiaries either by phone or in person to make sure they are maximizing their benefits. If they have a question, make sure you get their issues resolved quickly and efficiently.